The ea-Geier is an open-source tool written in PHP intended to handle accounting on a cash basis for Austrian companies (Buchhaltung zur Einnahmen-Ausgaben-Rechnung). With modular accounts code and a multi-lingual design, it is easily adjustable for other countries.

The system allows

  • to book and administrate your incomes and expenditures,
  • as well as your assets (depreciation for wear and tear),
  • your purchased goods intended for resale,
  • your traveling expenses,
  • and your accounting balance

according accounting on cash basis.


Please use the online demo to get a first glance of the system. Or test the ea-Geier on your own system.

Tell us your ideas and improvement suggestions.

Do you need additional functions? Did you find a bug, a spelling error, or a wrongly used accounting phrase? Please let us know!