About eaGeier

What is the ea-Geier?

The ea-Geier is a free online tool for Accounting on Cash Basis (Buchhaltung zur Einnahmen-Ausgaben-Rechnung) for small Austrian companies.

The following main features will be implemented as basic functions:

  • cash book
  • assets book
  • purchase book
  • traveling expenses
  • accounting balance

Additional features like e.g. an automatic submission to finanzOnline (an interface to the Austrian revenue office) will be realized using a plug-in interface.

The data entry and the data storage will be handled encrypted. This allows a secure access to your accounting from all over the world. With an appropriate setup the system may even be installed on your local computer.

Due to the programming language PHP supported by MySQL and other open-source modules like e.g. Smarty, the system is independent of the operating system and allows additional mobility and flexibility.

Designed as multi-client/multi-user system it is capable to handle several companies with multiple users at the same time.

Who develops, maintains and supports the ea-Geier?

The ea-Geier is developed and maintained by the m2m server software gmbh and supported by the Internet Foundation Austria (IPA).

The m2m server software gmbh is an Austrian company specialized in server applications for SMEs. It provides the hardware, the software, and the the man power for the ea-Geier project.

The Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) is a non-profit organization, acting as a trustee to regulate the .at domain administration. In the course of the advancement program net idea the IPA supports m2m with about 25 per cent of the development costs of the ea-Geier project.

Why is the ea-Geier open source and for free?

When the m2m server software gmbh was founded in 2003 as one-man company open-source software made the start much easier. Open-source software like for example OpenOffice instead of proprietary software decreased the foundation charges. Free server software like Apache together with free programming languages like PHP provided the base of the company to build new software.

When the company crew and finally the company type changed from the one-man company to the m2m server software gmbh, we decided to give something back to the community – the ea-Geier was born.


The ea-Geier project is developed and maintained by the m2m server software gmbh.

Contact ea-Geier

If you need help have a look in the help forum or open discussion forum at our homepage at Source Forge. Or use the tracker to submit a bug report, a feature, or support request.

Contact m2m server software gmbh

To contact the m2m server software gmbh please use the contact form on our home page