Balance Table

The balance tables hold the accounting-balance records of each client. Each client has its own balance table named “balance” prefixed with the client ID.

The id value is provided by the system by means of auto increment. year defines the calculation period of the balance.

The actual data e.g. additional incomes or expenditures not stored in one of the books is stored in data.

who and lastModified provide a minimal log holding the email address and date of the last change.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<schema version="0.3">
  <table name="balance">
	<field name="id" type="I" size="8">
	<field name="year" type="C" size="4">
	<field name="data" type="X">
	<field name="who" type="C" size="255">
	<field name="lastModified" type="T">
	<index name="year">