The layout of the ea-Geier is basis on hierarchical HTML templates based on the template engine Smarty.

Templates are HTML files which hold special constructs marked by curly brackets {}. The template engine replaces those constructs with content provided by the system to create the final HTML page. In the ea-Geier we basically use three types of those contructs:

  • variables {$…}, which are replaced by data;
  • language constants {#…#}, which are replaced by appropriate vocabulary of the momentarily valid language;
  • control structures {…}, for example loops or conditional content.

The templates are stored in the html/ folder and have the file extension .tpl.

Corresponding language files are stored in the lang/xx/ folder – where xx is the language code for the used language, e.g. de for German or en for English – and have the file extension .ini.

The data assignment is handled in separate files in the code/ folder structure with the file extension .html.php.

The style sheets – defining the exact layout and color scheme – are located in css/.