Swift is a mail wrapper library communicating directly with the mail server.


The mail interface is accessed via the wrapper class eaMail located in code/base/mail.class.php. The wrapper provides basic set-up procedures and mail functions.

It’s integrated by:


$db = new eaMail($conf['txtMailServer'], $conf['numMailPort']);

the configuration variables are defined in the database.


The Swift library will be bundled with production releases.

But as 3rd-party product it will not be checked into the repository.

If the Swift source has not been distributed with the ea-Geier bundle, please download it from the Swift homepage.

Unzip the code into the 3party/swift/ folder – e.g.


and make sure the eaSWIFT_DIR definition is configured properly. To do this, open the the file code/config.php. Look for eaSWIFT_DIR and change the value to the name of the folder you have just uploaded – e.g.:

define('eaSWIFT_DIR', '3party/swift/Swift-3.1.3-php5/lib');