Cash Book

The heart of accounting on cash basis is the cash book. It stores and manages all vouchers for incomes and expenditures.

New Voucher



In the navigation bar (left) of the main screen of the ea-Geier click on Cash Book. Choose the client in question and click on new Voucher.


Enter a short description of your voucher as the voucher ID. e.g. for the first bank voucher you could use B1, or for the 384th cash voucher you could use C384. Choose a reasonable name to describe the voucher and to be able to easily find it again later on

Enter the date of the voucher in the format defined in the configuration. If possible, the system will try to complete the date automatically

Please choose,

  • if the voucher is an income or expenditure,
  • the payment method, e.g. cash or bank,
  • the expense-account type,
  • and the VAT rate.

You can adjust the available categories to your needs in the configuration.

The gross value of the voucher is entered next to the payment method, the net value next to the expense-account type, and the tax value next to the tax rate.

If JavaScript is enabled in your browser and if it is possible, the values are filled automatically.

If you have reoccurring vouchers, you can define it as template for future use. Just mark save as template. Next time you enter a new voucher the new template will be available.

Cash Book


In the navigation bar (left) of the main screen of the ea-Geier click on Cash Book and choose the client in question.


The cash book shows the stored vouchers page by page. You can change the number of displayed items in the configuration.

You can sort the table by clicking on the headers or by double clicking on the selection fields.

When you click on a line, you can edit this voucher in the detail view.

The selection fields in the header of the table activate various filters. You can limit the view e.g.

  • to a single month,
  • to a payment method,
  • to a expense-account type,
  • or to a certain tax rate.

The entry field on the bottom right corner of the table allows to search for certain vouchers.