Requirement Specifications

If you have some requirements of your own for the ea-Geier Project (remember online accounting on a cash basis – Einnahmen-Ausgaben-Rechnung) please let us know. Either by using the open discussion forum at SourceForge, or the tracker for feature requests at SourceForge.

Accounting on a cash basis is a legal requirement for Austrian companies up to a certain turn over. It is a simplified form of bookkeeping, which is limited to recording cash flows. Most small companies use simple spread sheets or commercial software. While spread sheets are practically for free, they lack of certain features like backups, online accessibility, or security.

The ea-Geier intends to be a free open source tool to provide secure online accounting on a cash basis.

It addresses accountants of small companies. Which might be the head of a company handling the accounting of her or his one-person enterprise, or a professional accountant using the ea-Geier to manage her or his SME clients. Their technical skill may vary from basic internet browsing to advanced computer knowledge.

To meet this purpose, we define three types of requirements:

  • The Project Constraints are restrictions to shape the basic design and define the environment of the ea-Geier project.
  • The Functional Requirements describe the actual functions of the ea-Geier to handle accounting on a cash basis.
  • The Nonfunctional Requirements define properties that the functions must have but do not influence the basic functionality.

The Functional Requirements deal with the overall functions not specific to accounting on cash basis and interface-specific functions: