Traveling Expenses

The main purpose of the traveling-expenses report is to collect all data concerning business travels.

New Entry


In the navigation bar (left) of the main screen of the ea-Geier click on Traveling Expenses. Choose the client in question and click on new Entry.


Choose a reasonable description for the travel purpose to be able to easily find it later again.

Enter the travel date in the format defined in the configuration. If possible, the system will try to complete the date automatically. Duration is the period of the travel, e.g. 3 days.

The daily and over-night allowance contain the gross total flat-rate values of the travel. The percentage value gives the tax rate (e.g. 10 % for Austria). If possible, the system will calculate the tax value automatically. The net costs are the sum of daily and over-night allowance minus tax.

Using other vouchers you can reference to vouchers of the travel already booked in the cash book.

Driven miles holds the countable miles for the travel. They are multiplied by the mileage rate and provide the mileage allowance. The default value for the mileage rate can be set in the configuration.

Traveling Expenses


In the navigation bar (left) of the main screen of the ea-Geier click on Traveling Expenses and choose the client in question.


The traveling-expenses report shows the stored goods page by page. You can change the number of displayed items in the configuration.

You can sort the table by clicking on the headers or by double clicking on the selection fields.

When you click on a line, you can edit the travel entry in the detail view.

Using the date field in the header of the table, you can limit the list to a single month.

The entry field on the bottom right corner of the table allows to search for certain travels.