Base System

The base system is the framework of the ea-Geier. It provides all non-accounting functionality and can be used also for other projects. The actual accounting functions are added as plug-ins to the base system.

  • Coding Standards aim to keep the code consistent to be easily readable and maintainable.
  • The strict Directory Structure defines where what code can be found.
  • The Configuration is handled in three different places.
  • The Database is the heart of the ea-Geier, holding all the user data.
  • The Layout is handled by hierarchical templates.
  • Sessions allow to store data between web-page visits.
  • Third-Party Libraries help to reduce the development effort.
    • The Selenium-Core provides function and compatibility tests of the web interface.
    • ADOdb provides a database wrapper to handle different database engines.
    • FakeMail provides a fake mail server interface for testing of mail functions.
    • SimpleTest provides unit tests, checking the functionality of each single function or sub unit.
    • Smarty provides a template engine to separate code from its representation.
    • Swift provides a mail wrapper.
  • Maintenance files provide additional functionality for development and maintenance of the ea-Geier.
  • Installation Support allows easy installation and upgrades.
  • Plug-In Interface